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The Free Regional Facebook Groups!

     Helping other photographers to connect with each other to share their own photography, their local knowledge and events around the World is a core principle of ILPA!  These are the steps that we think you should take to start exploring the community:

  1. Join one or more of the FREE Facebook regional landscape and wildlife photography groups listed below.  Scroll down to see them all
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  4. Join ILPA to personally grow as  a photographer and to connect with the 40000+ members in the broader ILPA Community on a higher level.  You’ll also receive discounts on ILPA supported events!

The Facebook groups are an excellent way to get in touch with local photographers.  These groups are invaluable networking tools to help you to reach  the local community. 

While you’re researching the your next photography trip consider supporting one or the ILPA Professional Photographers or ILPA Industry Partners by using their services.  The Pros know where the best locations are to capture the best photographs.  They also know how to have a good day out even when the weather isn’t cooperating.  These are key ingredients to creating a successful photography trip to a new destination.

Join a Regional Landscape and Wildlife Photography Group

     Below is the list of all the World regional Facebook groups dedicated specifically to landscape and wildlife photography in that region.  I think this is a great resource for landscape and wildlife photographers and I hope you take advantage of it. 

In Canada:

In the United States:

Regional Landscape and Wildlife Photography Groups around the World:

     Above is the list of the 34 different Canadian, US and World regional Landscape and Wildlife Photography Facebook groups.  Join as many as you’d like to join.  They’re all listed and linked below.

     Since you’ve decided to come to this page I’m pretty sure you’ll also like the solid cross section of landscape and wildlife photography industry articles feature in the ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Weekly newsletter too.  The goal of the newsletter is to highlight what’s hot each week in outdoor photography.  Do you want your articles and events included in this curated newsletter too?   

     If you do then join the International Landscape Photographers Association.  We’ll include your relevant events in the newsletter too.  The newsletter is a good, informative read and not a blatant advertisement tool like most newsletters are from other photographers.  This newsletter is a thoughtful blend of interested articles and events that we are sure the majority of outdoor Nature photographers will love to read each week.

The problem with country wide, or world wide FB groups that regional social FB groups solve:

     I belong to a lot of awesome landscape and wildlife photography facebook groups that cover large geographic regions.  The scope of these groups are great but there are simply TOO many people in them.  One of the biggest problems I found with the really large and popular groups was that individual posts get buried deep in their timelines so fast that it’s really hard to keep up with all the different interesting threads.  You just end up missing a lot and feeling lost all the time.

     I believe Facebook groups need to evolve to be regionally smaller to serve their members better.  This is why I created the Canadian Regional FB Groups that I’ve listed above.  

And, they’ve caught on very well!

     I hope you join the group in the region where you live in to share your local knowledge and to learn more about your home.  Feel free to join all the FB groups dedicated to the different regions of Canada that you’re interested in learning about.  Please, also join the regional group where you live and share your local knowledge with others too.  This is essential part of my business where I give back to the community for free.  I hope you find what I offer here valuable.  

Let the sharing and learning continue!