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     Thank you for your interest join the International Landscape Photographers’ Association, or ILPA.  There are three different ILPA membership categories you can join ILPA with. The benefits of the different membership categories are described in detail below the Paypal membership buttons.  The membership renewal date is Nov. 1st of each year starting in 2017.

     To read about the many benefits of becoming a member in one of the three different membership categories of ILPA, please click on one of the three options in the drop down menu under the “JOIN ILPA” button in the main menu bar above.

     Do you want to learn more about ILPA? Make sure to check out the “About Us” page if you haven’t already.

     The costs and the benefits of the 3 different membership categories are listed below.  For a detailed list of all the benefits of ILPA membership please follow the individual links above to the different membership description pages. 

** Member sales are final.  Refunds are not available. **

1. “Personal Photographer” Membership – $95.00* – Renewal is $75.00*

This membership is for individual amateur photographers wanting to join ILPA and become connected to the community, learn, and receive membership benefits.  Professionals may also join as an ILPA Personal Photographer and play an active role in the ILPA Community.  However, the use of the ILPA community and communication channels will not be available for them to market themselves and their products.  

After reviewing all of the benefits that you’ll receive when you join up with an ILPA “Personal Photographer” Membership you’ll see that the value of all the savings will add up to more than the actual cost of the membership. Honestly, this is a pretty good deal for photographers!

Purchase your membership via PayPal secured online payment:

Follow this link to learn about your ILPA Personal Photographer benefits.  Bookmark it so you can refer back to it to take full advantage of all of your benefits too.  There are a lot of benefits to your ILPA membership, so you’ll have to come back to this page often to refresh your memory about what they are, and how to take advantage of them.

2. “Professional Photographer” Membership – $400.00* – Renewal is $300.00*

This membership is for professional Photographers and other small photography related businesses (up to two employees) wanting to join ILPA.

When you join as an ILPA Professional Photographer you’ll discover that the benefits that your business will enjoy from the promotion that you’ll receive from ILPA, along with your ongoing business activities, will far outweigh the initial cost of your membership.  We want your business to help you to succeed.  And, the 30000+ members in the extended ILPA Community want to hear what you have to offer them.

Please visit the Professional Photographer Benefits page for full details about your benefits.

Purchase your membership via PayPal secured online payment:

3. “Industry Partner” Membership – $800.00* – Renewal is $600.00*

This membership level is for businesses wanting to promote their businesses via their dedicated ILPA webpage on this website, at the annual conference, and in the included advertising space in The ILPA Weekly Landscape and Wildlife Weekly newsletter.  Your business will stand out from the rest with an Industry Partner Membership.

ILPA Industry Partners can advertise in the included ad space in the ILPA Weekly newsletter and at The ILPA Summit conference. You can review your industry partner benefits here.

The industry partnership membership fees may be waived in part, or in whole, in certain circumstances when mutually beneficial sponsorships can be arranged.

Please contact us directly for sponsorship details and visit the Industry Partner Benefits page for full details about your benefits.

Purchase your membership via PayPal secured online payment:

Alternatively, you can also join by contacting us with your email and phone number.  We’ll be in touch.  Visa and M/C are accepted.

* Annual membership rates are set for the 2021 membership year.  The next renewal date is January 1, 2022.

**All memberships sales are final.  Refunds are not available**