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Join the exclusive list of 2900+ photographers if you want to be the first to hear about new events being hosted by the ILPA community, ILPA Pros, and ILPA Industry Partners.  Get involved in the broader ILPA Community!

Gain the ILPA Industry Insiders’ edge!

Photographer’s on this list will receive exclusive announcements for some events even before they’re made public.  AND, you’ll also receive at least a 20% discount on these events too if you’re a member of ILPA.

By subscribing using the form below you’re agreeing agree to receive 12-20 emails a year from us letting you know about these events.  You may unsubscribe from “The Industry Insiders’ List” at anytime at the bottom of every email too.  We will respect your privacy!


If you answered yes to one or to both of these questions then we can help you to reach the 40000+ outdoor photographers in the extended ILPA community!

How to use the Industry Insider’s List:

Each email we send out the 2500+ subscribers to the email list you just signed up too above may include community announcements from ILPA Pro or Industry Partner members.  We can promote your relevant events and products to the extended ILPA community too.  Our mission statement directs us to facilitate communication between ILPA Pros and the ILPA community and helping you to connect with each other is part of that.

Talk to us to find out how you can use our robust communication channels to let the broader community know about the things that you offer that may interest them.  The extended ILPA community is made up of photographers who’ve “opted into the list” because they want to hear from you.

The potential ROI is priceless!

     Contact Andrew, VP of Community and Engagement, to discuss how ILPA can help you to effectively engage with the broader ILPA community.  You can reach him at Andrew(at)InternationalLandscapePhotographers(dot)com to discuss how ILPA can connect you to the photographers who want to hear from you

Let us help you!