Our Mission Statement:


To bring landscape photographers together 

to learn more, see more, feel more,

and communicate more through our art.


The Aurora in Banff National Park by www.brianmerry.ca
The Aurora in Banff National Park by www.brianmerry.ca


     Two of the things I love about outdoor photography is the inner peace and solitude I get when I’m out there shooting.  It grounds me and helps me to see who I am, strengthening me for my next adventure.

     However, one of the things I find missing in landscape photography is the social aspect of life.  Over the years of leading workshops and tours I’ve notice the need for the landscape photography community to have an industry voice to help bring each other together.  Together, we can help each other to grow artistically.  Together, we can also speak up for ourselves if needed during some sort of potential regulatory or social crisis that we can’t even imagine at this point in time.  

     These last two points were the impetus of the first Canadian Landscape Photography Conference held in Banff, AB during the winter of 2016.  And now that same spirit of being part of something, a unified group, sharing and growing together has blossomed into something greater.  


     During the 2016 conference I listened to the different presenters talk, I listened to the attendees comments and I asked you questions.  And, I recieved great feedback from the attendees in the exit surveys I sent out after the conference.  Thank you for your feedback.  It was extremely valuable in helping me us to choose the direction in which we needed to take.  I learned about what you liked about the conference, what you didn’t like, and what you wanted to see in the future.  And finally, I learned about the gaps in the industry that you, the conference attendees, told me about.


    It is clear that some outdoor photographers feel the need to be out there photographing the landscape solo, and they hold this need dearly to their heart.  Their solo expression and creative alone time is essential for them to find peace and to bring balance to their lives. 

And learning

     It’s also clear from the feedback that you gave me that you enjoyed learning at the conference and didn’t want it to become just another one off event.  You told me that you enjoyed being part of “something” and to do it again.


Enter ILPA

     The International Landscape Photographer’s Association, or ILPA, is an association of landscape photographers wanting to learn from each other, share with each other, and we’re a group wanting to grow together moving forward.  

     We’re also a group that regulators can come too when they’re want the opinions from photographers, who are often hard to organize together.  ILPA will speak on your behalf to consult with regulators on what our community wants when our opinion is needed.  If there is a photography related issue where you live and you need an industry voice to speak on behave of the landscape photography community, then let us know about it.  We’ll get the board to take a look at it and we can work together to voice the opinions of both the local and international photography community.

     To help accomplish these goals we hold an annual AGM, a conference, an annual print competition, give membership plaques to photographers joining the association who identify with the values of ILPA, advise regulators on behalf of our membership as needed, and finally, we help you to connect with each other during the numerous learning opportunities through tours and workshops offered by our professional members, at the conference and at other ILPA events.  Simply put, we help you to grow.

     If this sounds like something you would like to explore and be a part of, then join ILPA!


Let’s get social 

   There are a number of ways we can communicate and socialize with each other.  You can:

1/     join the public facebook group to post, share with, and to learn about ILPA and all upcoming events and association announcements.  You don’t have to be a member of ILPA to join this facebook group.

2/     You can join one of the Canadian regional landscape and wildlife photography groups administered by our president.  These free regional facebook groups have 3700+ members and you don’t have to be a member of ILPA to join hem and share.  This is a FREE and amazing networking tool brought to you by your ILPA president.  Follow this link to see the full list of the free Canadian Regional FB groups and to join all the groups that you’re interested in.

3/     You can post your photos in one of the regional groups to share with the other members

4/     You can also speak to the board directly.  Just send us a message via the contact form and we’ll get back to you in a timely manner.

5/     You can browse all the workshops and tours offered by our professional and industry members on the ILPA special events page.  Your ILPA membership also gives you a discount on the events that professional photographers and industry members offer through the ILPA website.

6/     You can show your work on your personal ILPA webpage and link back to your own website.  We’ll build the page for you with the content you provide us and link it back to your website.  Or, if you don’t have a website then this can be your web presence for your photography gallery.  Your ILPA webpage can be your internet business card.

     The possibilities are endless.  And, you will receive many more benefits outlined on our ILPA membership description and registration pages.


     Our Board of Advisors are very experienced but we are a young organization.  Stay tuned and watch us continue to grow.  One of the first things that you’ll see in the coming months is the membership directory grow and the business pages being to added to the website as we receive content from professional photographers and photography businesses.  

     You’ll also see an announcement coming for the 2nd ILPA Landscape Photography Summit.  


Join the Facebook group and stay up to date with ILPA developments.