Portfolio Review

     One of the better ways to improve as a photographer is to submit your portfolio for professional portfolio review.  One of our ILPA certified professional landscape photographers will write a thoughtful 100-200 word review for each of the images you submit.  Review portfolios can vary in size from three photographs to an artists collection of 10 photographs.  All of our portfolio reviewers are experienced professional photographers, each with more than 10 to 20 years of industry experience.

   We’ll write a critique a 50-200 word critique for each image.  We’ll summarize the critique in a 500+ word overall review.  The overall review includes an overall impression of where the professional photographer reviewing your portfolio believes you are at in your photographic development and it includes suggestions about what your next steps may be.

     Portfolio reviews are available to non-ILPA members by adding 50% to the prices below.


ILPA member reviews for portfolios containing:

  • 1 image – $20
  • 3 images – $50
  • 5 images – $90*
  • 10 images – $150*

*  The 5 image and 10 image portfolio reviews also come with a 500+ word review of your overall portfolio in addition to individual reviews of each photograph.  


Non ILPA member reviews for portfolios containing:

  • 1 image – $25
  • 3 images – $60
  • 5 images – $100
  • 10 images – $170

Submission guidelines for portfolio reviews are:


  1. The long edge of the photographs should be 2400 pixels
  2. Files should be 8 bitt in depth
  3. Monitors used for evaluating photographs are colour calibrated.  
  4. The file name should contain: the title of the photograph, the name of the photographer, and the sequence number of the photograph if the portfolio is intended to tell a story.
  5. Contact us for submission guidelines using dropbox (preferred) or email submission guidelines.