The ILPA Monthly

Photographer of the Month 

FREE Photography Contest



     Welcome to the free monthly photography contest.  This is our first contest and I hope that you enjoy it.  The contest is only open to the first 50 entries and then it closes for the month.  The winner will be contacted by email or phone and they will win **A Canon Lens Cleaning Cloth**

     … and bragging rights for a month!  Let’s have some fun with this.  Good luck!


     You can read over the contest rules here.  Each contestant can only enter one photo in the contest.  But, you can enter every month. and the winner will be notified.  By entering the contest you grant ILPA usage rights to promote ILPA photography contest and events only.  ILPA will not be granted any resale or distribution rights beyond the promotion of ILPA monthly and annual photography contests and ILPA events.  Please contact ILPA if you have questions.

only loggedin user can upload photos.