Photography Club Benefits


ILPA Membership for Photography Clubs

and the Benefits to all of your Club Members

Taken during the last ILPA Outdoor Photography Conference in Banff. Copyright Rich Leighton Photography

An introduction for prospective Photography Clubs

     Photography clubs may also join ILPA to have all of their club members enjoy the benefits of ILPA membership.  To join your club up too ILPA simply join using your club name up with an ILPA Professional Photographer Membership and your club, and all of your members may enjoy the benefits of the ILPA Professional Photographer membership.

     After you join simply email ILPA all of the information you want on your ILPA photography Club”  webpage, including 10 photographs, about 500 words of introductory text and links to your club’s website.  We’ll build you a webpage and link to your website.  We’ll also advertise your events on the ILPA website and in the ILPA newsletter.  And your club members can start enjoying the incredible discounts on on ILPA events such as the upcoming landscape photography conference on Jan. 13-15, 2017 in Banff, AB.


Some of the benefits your club, and all of your club members will receive include:

1/  200 word bio, logo and backlink you your club website and/or Facebook page/group

2/  The opportunity to advertise your club’s events in the ILPA weekly newsletter via the Club event page, included in your membership, and on the ILPA Facebook page to reach more people.

Individual members of your club will also enjoy extended ILPA benefit.  Each member of your club will also receive:

  1. discounts on the workshops and tours advertised by the professional photographers and industry partners through ILPA channels.  Professional members and industry partners are required to offer a minimum 20% off, up to $500 per event, on all of the workshops and tours they publish and choose to promote through ILPA channels.  ILPA Pros and ILPA Industry Partners may still hold events where they do not offer ILPA members a special discount, but when doing so, they cannot promote those events to the ILPA membership through the ILPA communication network.  This discount alone can potentially pay for your ILPA Personal Photographer membership cost if you register for an ILPA affiliated event.
  2. 20% discount on your registration to the next ILPA Outdoor Photography Summit and other ILPA national/regional events. 
  3. Each club member will receive discounts to all ILPA promoted events hosted by ILPA Pros and ILPA Partners, including the The ILPA Summit.  This savings alone is reason enough for your club to join ILPA.
  4. The opportunity to advertise your club’s events in the regional ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Facebook group where your club is located.  This will probably translate into increase club exposure and membership.  The photographers who are members of these Facebook groups are the types of photographers that photography clubs need to have as members to thrive.  These photographers are engaged in the outdoor photography community!  
  5. Each club member will receive a 10% discount on their individual registration to the next ILPA Outdoor Photography Summit and other ILPA national/regional events promoted through ILPA channels by ILPA and ILPA Professional Photographers and ILPA Partners.  Yes, ILPA can become a one stop shop for everyone to find a photography event that they want to attend using your club discount.

     This is a great opportunity for your photography club members.  Each of your club members will receive about $80-$100 off of the regular ILPA Summit registration.  The Summit is the ILPA Outdoor Photography Conference that any outdoor photographer worth his salt will likely enjoy!  This single benefit by itself may pay for your club’s membership many times over, even if just a handful of your club members decide to attend the next ILPA Summit.

     When your club joins ILPA, send your club’s contact information and the name of your club’s contact person ILPA should do all correspondence with.  This can be a club email address that many club members could have access too Andrew, the ILPA Director of Community and Engagement.  Andrew will be happy to help you to get all of your clubs members sorted and on their way to enjoying ILPA completely.  I hope to see your club members at the next ILPA Summit!