Landscape Photography Summit 2018

The 3rd ILPA Summit will be in January 2018

… but where?!?



     The 2017 ILPA landscape photography Summit is still quite a few months away but we are already thinking about the 2018 Summit.  This 3rd conference for the Association and we want your input.  We want you to tell your board where you want the Summit to be next!

     As you already know the 2017 Summit is going to be held in Banff, AB.  But, we’ve also started doing the preliminary planning for the 2018 Summit too.  WE are an international organization and we are going to bring the Summit to a venue near you over the years.  We’ve already identified some possible places to host the 2018 Summit.  The short list for possible cities for the 2018 Summit are:


   1/  Vancouver

   2/  Winnipeg

   3/  Toronto Region

   4/  Montreal

   5/  Halifax


Where do YOU want the 2018 Summit?

     Now it’s time for you to vote for the city you’d like to see the 2018 ILPA Landscape Photography Summit to be held.  The outcome of the poll will hold a lot of weight when the ILPA Board of Advisors decides where the next Summit will be.  Please visit our Facebook Page where we have a poll set up for your input.  Many people have already cast their vote, but we need to hear from many more people before we can trust the sample size of the poll.  

Your Vote Counts!

     After you vote in the poll consider sharing the FB poll with your photographer friends and your camera clubs.  The greater the sample size of the polling audience, the greater the weight the board will place on the results of the poll when we make our decision.  Plus, if your whole photography club votes for your city to host the next Summit you may just win!


So, we need your help.

Follow this link to vote!

Then, share the poll with your photographer friends.  Thank you very much!