Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine – An ILPA Industry Partner

We are glad to welcome Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine in the ILPA community as an Industry Partner.


Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine, by Canadians, for Canadains
Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine, by Canadians, for Canadians

    Outdoor Photography Canada magazine needs no introduction at all.  The publisher and editor-in-chief, Roy Ramsay, has been in the Canadian journalism industry for decades.  He’s experienced and he’s a prolific landscape photographer photographing across the country and beyond.  He is the artist behind the production of Canada’s greatest Outdoor Photography subscription magazine bringing all of us the latest, and the greatest outdoor photographers this country has to offer multiple times a year.  I would give you the website url for you to sign up for a subscription to this great publication, but, when you join ILPA with a Personal Photographer Membership a one year subscription is already included in your membership.

One of the benefits to having OPC here as an ILPA Industry Partner is that ILPA Personal Photographers and ILPA Pro Photographers will receive a one year subscription to Outdoor Photography Canada magazine included in their membership!