Code of Ethics


     The basis of the code of ethics is based on honouring the truth and being fair to all those concerned.  The board is developing a formal code using the mission statement as the guiding light in that creative process.  The code will be presented at the AGM during the conference on Sunday night after the main Summit program has been completed.  

     Everyone’s attendance is welcomed and encouraged at the AGM.  ILPA members are encouraged to present agenda items to the board before the meeting so the board has a chance to read them.  Members may also present new business at the AGM.  New business may, or may not be voted upon at the meeting at the discretion of the board.  New business items will be brought forward at the next board meeting if they have not been voted upon at the AGM.  The next meeting date will be determined at the AGM.

     In the meantime, simply conduct yourself and communications with the Rotary International “Four Way Test” in mind.  The test is stated below:

     1/  Is it the Truth?

     2/  Is it FAIR to all concerned?

     3/  Will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?

     4/  Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

     We will use the four way test as our code of ethics in the interim while we develop the ILPA code of ethics.  If we all ask ourselves the four simple questions the test states before we act, we will have a good chance to build trust and stronger relationships moving forward.