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Manager - Membership and Engagement

This position is a sales and membership engagement position for the International Landscape Photographers’ Association.  You will be supplied new leads daily and weekly via a shared list of new potential members.  This list is created by requests from interested photographers asking to be contacted about joining ILPA.  These are excellent leads for you to use to close sales.  The first two steps of the sales funnel have been completed for you by the time you receive the leads on this list. 

It is encouraged that you seek out new ways to reach potential new members for the Association. 

Your job will be to communicate via email, phone, Facebook messenger and other ways as necessary to educate potential new members about the benefits of joining the association, and then to close the sale. 

Email and FB messenger initial communication templates will be supplied to you to assist you in closing the sales pathway and signing new members in the association.  An ILPA email address will be supplied to you.  Primary communications will new to be conducted through this email and supplemented through other communication channels as necessary.  

The President of ILPA will be your direct report.  Product knowledge, coaching and education will be supplied to you on an ongoing basis.  Sales support will be provided as you require and request it.  

This position is largely a turnkey sales position with email templates and established successful sales funnels in place.  Your skills are needed to complete the customer journey.  Ongoing post sales customer engagement and membership education will be needed to build a trusting customer relationship.  

Automatic membership renewals is another form of repeating residual annual income offered in this position.  You will also earn 45% commission on membership renewals each year.  Membership renewals from satisfied customers can evolve into a growing residual income from ongoing annual renewals, as long as you continue to work with ILPA. 


5+ years of FT professional sales experience is desired.  A candidate will need to demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the sales pathway with insight on how to apply it to ILPA membership recruitment, member certifications and ILPA conference sales and promotion.

 A strong outdoor photography background, amateur or professional, will be an asset.  Being able to “talk shop” with experienced outdoor photographers will likely increase your success in this position.  Possessing and good working knowledge of outdoor photography will increase your success in the position.


This is a contract sales position compensated with a 45% commission on all new membership sales, membership renewals, certification and conference attendee sales.  Compensation will be paid out monthly after an invoice is received from you or your business.   GST will be paid to contractors when a valid GST number provided on invoices.

Tools required:

Home office, laptop, printer, landline or cell phone and a large enough work area to organize your self-directed sales operations.   It is possible for this position to be 100% remote.  After the pandemic is over you have the option to split your work week between your home office and the ILPA Studio office in Banff, Alberta. 

Ongoing Customer Relationship and Membership renewals:

You will also receive ongoing residual 45% commission on all annual membership renewals.  It is required that you maintain an ongoing positive customer relationship with members.  Individual ILPA Member coaching and technical assistance will be required from time to time.  Please visit our website for more details on the three ILPA membership tiers and the member certifications available.  As the organization continues to grow, so will your monthly commission checks. 

Annual Lump Sum income: 

Income from membership renewals can be significant depending on the % of membership renewals that occur each Fall.  The percentage of membership renewals that occur will likely be corelated to the amount of effort the successful candidate puts into building customer relationships with new and existing members.

Percentage of time allocation for job tasks (estimate):

15% Lead generation.  Most leads will be supplied to you.

25% New customer education on what ILPA is and how ILPA can help them reach their goals

30% Customer relationship care and management

10% ILPA brand identity collaboration and advisement with the Social Media arm of ILPA

10% Membership renewals

10%   Assistance with the conference operation, “The ILPA Summit.”

How to Apply:

Please email a brief cover letter and your resume to: info(@)internationallandscapephotographers[dot]com