Writing for ILPA’s Newsletter and Blog


Why give away your writing and photographs for free to Facebook?


     The success of the International Landscape Photographers’ Association community is partly hinged on how much our members get involved.  With the help from ILPA’s Board of Advisors we’ll be bringing you lots of great events.  Your board will reach out to giving you the opportunity to get involved too.  You can find these writing and stock photography opportunities advertised in the newsletter, on the active Facebook page, at the annual conference, on the website, and at other regional ILPA events.


     We’ll do our best to let you know what the other ILPA professional photographers and ILPA industry partners are up too as well.  But, being part of a healthy and active community means that all of our members can contribute.  We’re asking you to submit articles, photographs and/or blog posts for publication.  We have a budget to pay you for your writing and photography too!


Everybody has a story
Everybody has a story.  Let’s hear your’s!


Give back to ILPA and make MONEY in the process


     Everybody has a story.  We want to hear yours.  Do you want to write an article for the ILPA newsletter or blog?  We want to hear from you if you do.  Drop us a line via the contact form with your writing proposal.  If we publish your article and accompanying photos in the newsletter or on the blog, then we’ll pay you a modest sum.  

     We also welcome appropriate submissions from pro or industry suppliers and retailers.  This is a perfect way to communicate with your core audience.  This informational style of advertising doesn’t cost you anything either.  

     We have a nominal budget for solicited and unsolicited newsletter and blog articles from photographers, industry professionals and industry suppliers.  We can also offer professional photographers and industry suppliers advertising in kind in the newsletter and blog.  This is a great way to give relevant information back the community about landscape or wildlife photography while politely advertising to them at the same time.  Scroll down the page to see the pricing guidelines.


Everybody can write! Let's hear and see what you have to say.
Everybody can write! Let’s hear and see what you have to say.


      But, please, don’t get too excited with grandiose dreams about getting rich quick writing articles for ILPA.  We do have a cash budget for articles and photographs.  We can also pay for content with advertising in kind in the quarterly newsletter or on the blog.  The target budget is usually $25-$100 for each article and photography submission.  We’ll also consider an ILPA membership as payment in full, or in part, for your submission.  

     This is a great newsletter and blog.  But, please remember that this is a newsletter and a blog and our budget reflects that.  


Article and photo submission payment guide:


 –  700~1000+ word article with 5-10 photographs – $50-$100

–   500~1000 word article/blog post with 5-10 photographs – $25-$75

–   250~500 word article/blog post with or without a photograph or two – $25 – $50


     When your submissions are accepted for publication, you grant ILPA non-exclusive and perpetual use rights to your submission in it’s entirety in one issue of the newsletter only.  The newsletter will be archived perpetually on the ILPA website.  Six months after the publication date of the newsletter or blog post, some individual photographs may be switched out at the author’s request.  Changes to past submissions are subject to the approval of an ILPA board representative.  A likely scenario where a change will be permitted after six months is if the photographer would like to use the photograph(s) in another non-ILPA submission.  We’ll try not to hold your future publication plans back.  After all, we want you to be successful too!

     Do you have any questions about the submission guidelines?  We welcome your input.  Please use the contact form to send us your questions and article submissions. 


Now, let’s get you published!