Professional Photographer Benefits

An introduction for prospective Professional Photographers


     Welcome to the new ILPA professional photographer page.  As a professional member of ILPA you’ll be listed of the professional photographers page with a link directly to your own ILPA webpage.  Send us the copy (the text) and the website you want us to link back to.  Having your own webpage to talk about your business with a backlink to your website can give your potential customers a good first impression, not to mention the SEO boost your website will receive by having it’s own page on this website linking to it.  The rest is up to you.  Promote yourself and most of all, be the best option for all the photographers shopping for hire a photographer like you.


Professional membership benefits include:


1/     exhibit in the trade show at the annual conference with a 40% discount on regular booth/table rates 

2/     a business webpage on this website with up to 10 photographs, 1000 words of copy/text and 3 external links to your website, facebook page(s).  A link to your ILPA business webpage will be listed on the “Professional Members” webpage, which is listed in header menu of the website.

3/     advertise your own workshops, tours and events on your ILPA webpage.  As an ILPA professional photographer you can advertise your tours, workshop and special events on your ILPA webpage, in the ILPA tour, workshop and special event directory on the ILPA website, or advertised in the ILPA newsletter.  You are not required to offer a discount on individual events that you have not not promoted through ILPA channels via your ILPA webpage, in the free ILPA workshop, tour and special event directory, or in the ILPA quarterly newsletter.

4/     advertise with a 1/6 page ad or greater in the quarterly newsletter with a 30% discount on advertising rates.

5/      a professional photographer business listing in the ILPA quarterly newsletter including your business name and an outward bound link to your website.  

6/     a membership certificate to proudly display on your home office/digital studio wall.  Certificates will be mailed out 4-6 weeks after you join ILPA.

7/     You’ll also receive a glass membership award to proudly displaying your name and/or your business name if you have a Professional Photographer Membership.  Use this membership award to promote yourself in your office, at trade shows, and during presentations/exhibition openings.

8/     Glass professional membership awards will be handed out annually at the beginning of the conference so you may display it in your booth/table in the trade show.  Or, awards will be mailed to you 3-4 weeks after the annual conference if you are unable to attend.

9/     One year subscription to Outdoor Photography Canada magazine.   The OPC subscription is not redeemable for cash if you already have a subscription to OPC magazine.  However, you may gift this subscription to a friend and/or customer. 


Do you want to be in the Trade Show?

     If you’re a pro photographer who includes other landscape and wildlife photographers as your potential clients, then, you may want to attend this small but specialized trade show.  At the next summit in January the trade show is expanding to 8+ booths/tables with vendors representing different areas of our industry.  Elevate yourself in the industry and develop your presence in ILPA and at the Summit to speak directly to the photographers who want to speak to you too.  Promote your products to your target market showcases the products you sell that they are interested in buying

     I believe that joining ILPA with a professional photographer membership will help your business’ bottom line.  The overall goal of ILPA is that everyone benefits by becoming a member.  This include all the other professional photographers out there too.  I hope you agree and you join ILPA with your professional photography business.