Mark Laurie is an incredibly accomplished photographer in many genres.
Mark Laurie is an incredibly accomplished photographer in many genres.


     Mark is an incredibly accomplished and talented photographer.  While Mark is working on his autobiography for his ILPA webpage please read up on one of ILPA’s Advisors in Wikipedia.  Yes, Mark Laurie is an incredibly accomplished photographer.  His accomplishments in photography are so significant that he has been written up in Wikipedia.  I hope you take the time to read the inspiration entry in Wikipedia about Mark Laurie.  

     For over 38 years Mark has explored many unusual corners of the craft. Although Mark is internationally renown for his nude imagery through his studio Inner Spirit Photography, he has a rich collection of work in diverse niches. For example his International Landscape Photographer of the Year award. He has limited edition landscape images from 1984 that are still hanging in offices and homes.

     Two of the more unique accomplishments is having is work going to space on the Voyager 3 Space Mission and his TV photography series. That may have been what launched his Photography Reality TV show stint, first as a contestant finishing second then as a judge.

     He has a voluminous collection of awards and image trophies, most notably the Yousuf Karsh Lifetime Achievement award, is the only photographer to have earned a fellowship in both Canada and Europe. He holds the elite Master Photographer degree and has earned 10 bars to his Master of Photographic Arts title.

     Mark has won 4 International Photographer of the Year Awards. He has set the highest bar for Photographic Accreditations in North America with 35 Accreditations. He is even listed in one of the Alberta Who is Who books. Mark has published 6 books, 3 are limited editions.

     Mark has served on numerous photography boards at the regional, National and International levels. He mentors photographers on their own accreditation submissions and contest submissions. An accredited, respected photography judge in the national, European and World Cup arenas.

     This impressive background aside, Mark remains a curious photographer who finds magic in what his and other lens show the world. He loves helping photographers, sharing insights and approaches.

     Mark’s decades of professional photography business experience at multiple levels has given him tremendous wisdom and insight into the business side of the artistic photography industry. His experience and critical eye are welcome additions to the ILPA Board of Advisors.