Kathy Tippe – ILPA Photographer

Kathy’s Facebook Page 

Welcome to Unique Expressions by Kat.  

I have been a creative soul from a young age and have always been drawn to photography and the splendour of capturing a feeling or memory, freezing it in time.  I’m passionate about the outdoors and thus, the majority of my photography occurs outside.   

I’ve had a camera in my hands and have been taking pictures for about 30 years now, however, it has only been the few years that I’ve made it an active hobby.  I hope that some of my photos may also inspire you to get out and to capture your memories.  Capturing memories is what life is all about.   

I was honoured a few years ago to be asked to have one of my photographs used in an advertising campaign.  Perhaps one day, you will be looking through an Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine and will have the good fortune of looking at a photograph from Unique expressions by Kat!  This is one of my goals! 


Editor’s note:  

Kat has been an ILPA Photographer from the beginning.  Her enthusiasm is contagious, and the pure emotion she communicates in her photography is attractive.  I think we all look forward to seeing more of Kat’s work.  If you’d like to explore Kat’s photography a little more then check out her Facebook page linked above.  Kat is pretty sharp and “on the ball.”   She was the first person to get her tickets to the 2017 Summit happening in beautiful Banff National Park again this winter.  

Tickets to the 2017 Summit, and all the exciting landscape photography excursions, are still on available.  However, I wouldn’t wait too long to get yours because I believe the Summit will sell out again this year, and landscape and night photography excursions will sell especially fast.  If the photography excursions sell everyone will still get a chance to go on the popular Banff National Park Day Tour since a pass for a two day tours is including in everyone’s registration.

See you at the Summit!