Personal Photographer Membership Benefits


     This membership is for individual amateur photographers wanting to join ILPA.  Joining with a personal photographer membership helps you to connect to the landscape photography community, to learn and to receive the ILPA membership benefits, which are listed below.  Individuals with small professional photographer businesses may also join ILPA with a personal photographer membership. *  

     After reading all the the benefits of the “Personal Photographer Membership” listed below you’ll probably agree that joining the International Landscape Photographers Association, ILPA, with a personal photographer membership for just $95.00 is a pretty good deal.  If you add up the dollar value of all the savings that you’ll receive with your personal photographer membership, you’ll probably agree that the value of the benefits are far more than the actual cost of the membership itself.  If you simply come to the The Summit the discount you’ll receive on the registration price combined with the included one year subscription to Outdoor Photography Canada magazine will save you more than the actual cost of the membership.


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Personal photographer membership benefits include:


1/     discounts on the workshops and tours advertised by the professional photographers and industry partners on their ILPA business webpages on this website and in the quarterly newsletter.  Professional members and industry partners are required to offer a minimum 10% off on all of the workshops and tours they publish on this website and in the newsletter.  That discount alone can potentially pay for the membership cost when you register for an ILPA affiliated workshop.

2/     personal photographer webpage on this website with up to 5 portfolio photographs, a profile photo (this can be a head and shoulders shot of you or another landscape photograph), 500 words of copy/text and one external link to your website.  A link to your personal photographer webpage will be listed on the “Personal Photographer Members” webpage, which is in the header menu.

3/     20% discount (~$80) on your registration to the annual conference, the Banff Landscape Photography Summit and other ILPA national/regional events.  Space is limited at the conference due to the venue capacity (~80 delegates) so, please register early once the conference is announced to avoid missing out on this benefit!

4/     20% discount (~$20) on your annual membership renewal. 

5/     a one year subscription to Outdoor Photography Canada magazine, a $19.57 value.  The subscription is not redeemable for cash or credit if you already have a subscription to OPC, but you may gift this subscription to a friend.  US and International subscriptions will receive $19.57 CDN off of the US and international subscription rates.

6/     a membership certificate to proudly display on your home office/digital studio wall.  Certificates will be mailed out 3-4 weeks after you join ILPA.

6/     You’ll also receive a glass membership award proudly displaying your name and/or your business if you have a “Professional or Industry Membership”.  

8/     Glass membership awards will be handed out annually at the conference, or, they will be mailed to you 3-4 weeks after the annual conference if you are unable to attend to the mailing address you provide us.

9/     a subscription to the quarterly online newsletter.         

     You can see that when you join ILPA with a personal membership, the value of all the savings you’ll receive can quickly add up to more than the actual cost of the personal photographer membership.  Honestly, this is a pretty good deal for photographers that can easily save you more money than you’ll spend up front to become a member.  This is a winning combination for all parties involved.


 *    Professional Photographers may choose to join with a personal photographer membership.  However, they cannot promote their businesses through the website and do not qualify for advertising and trade show booth/table discounts at the conference.  There are no opportunities to link back to their professional website either on the ILPA website.  However, professional photographers wanting to join with a personal photographer membership can still rent a booth/table at the conference, the Banff Landscape Photography Summit, in January to promote themselves at the regular booth rates.  They won’t receive the ILPA Professional Photographer discount on the booth/table though, or any of the other ILPA Professional Photographer benefits.  A booth/table in the trade show at Summit at the regular booth price is a good way to promote their businesses while still only purchasing a Personal Photographer Membership.  There are approximately 80-90 people expected to attend the second ILPA conference in January 2017.