ILPA Personal Photographer

Membership Benefits


Connect with the broader outdoor photography community,

and grow in a meaningful way

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     An ILPA Personal Photographer membership will help you to save money as you continue learning and growing as a photographer, while concurrently connecting with the broader outdoor photography community.  

Membership Benefits:

  • up to $500 off of ILPA Pro and ILPA Industry Partner events advertised through ILPA channels
  • $100 off of your registration to the next ILPA Outdoor Photography Summit
  • 20% off ILPA international/regional events
  • 20% off of ILPA Pro Events and products, up to $500, when offered through ILPA channels
  • 20% ILPA membership renewals
  • Earn “ILPA Photographer certifications” in landscape, wildlife, travel and more…

     Photographers with a professional  outdoor photography business may join ILPA with a personal photographer membership.  They may promote their outdoor photography events and products through ILPA if they choose to upgrade to an ILPA Pro membership at a later date.

     If you add up the dollar value of all the savings that an active member will receive with a personal photographer membership, you will see that the value of the benefits can easily exceed the initial cost of the membership itself.  This is a winning combination for all parties involved.  So, what are you waiting for…?

Join ILPA today!