ILPA Personal Photographer 

New Member Info page


Thank you for joining ILPA as a new ILPA personal photographer.


     Now that you’ve joined, let’s get those membership benefits started!  You may want to bookmark this page and/or save to refer to it later as you gather the content we’ll need to build your webpage and to start your Outdoor Photography Canada magazine subscription.


The next steps:


1/  Your new subscription to Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine

     Do you have already have a subscription to Outdoor Photography Canada magazine?  If you don’t then let’s get one started for you as part of your membership benefits.  If you already have a subscription to OPC, then you can gift this subscription to a friend, sharing this great publication.  Then, send me the following information via the contact form to get your subscription Started.  If you send us your information.  We’ll take care of the rest.  Please send us the following information via our contact form.  We need you to use a contact form rather than an email to streamline the new member benefit implementation process:

1/  The first and last name of the person the OPC subscription is for (probably you, but you may gift this to a friend)

2/  The mailing address you would like the magazine sent too.  

3/  The email address and phone number of the person receiving the subscription, which is probably you.  Your personal information will be used to start you OPC subscription and for ILPA membership business only.  We won’t pass your contact info onto third party members.  


2/  Your ILPA webpage

Let’s get rolling on building your ILPA webpage too.  To get your ILPA web page built we ask you to please send us:

1/     your top 5 photographs you would like see featured on your ILPA webpage photo gallery. 

2/     500+ words of text that you would like us to use to build your ILPA webpage.

3/     one outward bound link that you would like us to use on your ILPA webpage linking to a website of your choice, probably lining back to your own website or Facebook page.


     Consider using the outward bound link mention in #3 above to point back to your own website.  This is a good way to increase traffic to your website and to share your photography.  The only thing that I ask, and this is optional, is for you to add a backlink on your own website back to your ILPA webpage on the ILPA website that I built for you on the  ILPA  website please!  

     If you place a backlink on to your website back to your ILPA webpage, and I do the same for you on your ILPA webpage linking back to your website, then both of websites will rank higher in search engine results.  If you don’t have a website, then just tell me what appropriate website you would like me to point your included backlink too.  Maybe you could point this backlink to your Facebook Page or FB profile if you don’t have a website?  Reasonable family friendly restrictions on the appropriateness of your requested backlink will apply.  


3/  You don’t have a website already?  Then upgrade your ILPA webpage presence to become a “website” within the ILPA website:

     We can build a comprehensive and cohesive set of your own ILPA webpages to make your ILPA profile simulate a website.  We can:

1/  Design the landing page for your ILPA webpage to look like your own branded website.  Just send us the HTML code or a description of what you want, and we’ll build it.  Or we can use the same page design of other ILPA members.

2/  add a contact page where people can see your contact details to email or call you directly.

3/  add an “about me” page describing who you are about what you do.

4/  Add a photo gallery page to highlight your photography with up to 20 images


     In short, we can build you “your own website within the ILPA website” which will give you a professional look.  This is a great idea if you don’t already have a website and you want a larger web presence to share with family, friends and potential customers.

     This expanded ILPA profile “website within a website” service carries an additional annual charge.  This is similar to a web design and hosting company creating and hosting a website for you, but it’s reasonably priced.  The typical charge for the “website within the ILPA website” is $500 for the initial design, layout and first year of hosting as described above.  An annual care and maintenance charge of $175 applies for each subsequent year and is due upon your ILPA membership renewal.  We’ll routinely update and maintain the backend of your ILPA website within the ILPA website.  Contact us for complete details and pricing on your “website within the ILPA website.” 

     We’d like to advise that your ILPA webpage and the ILPA “website within the ILPA website” have the standard ILPA website design and layout.  Custom design and layout is available at an additional charge and will vary based on what you’re looking for.  Let me know if this interests you and we can talk more about it.  I can give you a quote based on what you need.  It is possible to use html code that you provide to us to copy and paste into your webpage(s).  This will give you the opportunity to really jazz up your own website within the ILPA website.


4/  Let’s get Social!  Join the free regional Canadian landscape and wildlife FB groups and like the ILPA page

This is pretty cool:

     Be sure to like the ILPA facebook page if you haven’t done so already.  Also, join as many of the free Canadian regional landscape and wildlife FB groups as you’d like to network with other like minded photographers in the area of Canada you live, or where you would like to visit.

     This is the link to the list to all of the free Canadian ILPA FB groups

     Most of the day to day ILPA group social communications will be done via the International Landscape Photographer’s FB page.  Be sure to join this group too.  Other important ILPA notifications, like when the quarterly newsletter is posted to the website, or a reminder to renew your membership, will be emailed to you using the email address you provided when registering.


Did I miss anything?

     If you think I missed something then please do not hesitate to contact me.  Our email is if you have a question or would like to talk about anything else.  I may email you saying I answered your question on the facebook page or in a blog post on the website if I think others could benefit from the answer to your question.  If I post your good question publicly, then I will keep your identify private in the Q&A post by using language like “I got a great question from K. today.  He asked…”


Do you really want your presence on the ILPA website to Stand Out?!!


Then have your own personal “website” within the ILPA website

     Do you want your webpage to really POP and stand out from the rest?  Additional web page services are also available to do that.  For instance, let me know if you would like to add anything more like more photographs to your ILPA webpage to expand and improve it.  I can increase the text on your webpage if you want to say more and/or I can add more photographs to your ILPA page.  We can also add more outward bound links too.  I can even add multiple pages so you can have a larger personal website within the ILPA website if you don’t want to build your own external website (see point #3 above).

     Email me with your ideas and the details of what you want to add to your webpage or your website within the ILPA website, and I can quote you a price for that.  There may be a reasonable charge for addition page layout, setup, content and maybe additional annual webpage(s) hosting fees if you want to go really big!  We can go really big with your ILPA web presence if you want too.  We may have to discuss an extra change to do that though.  The annual rates for your website within the ILPA website are modest depending on what you want to do.


Keep an eye open for the “2018 Banff Landscape Photography Summit”


     The 2018 Landscape Photography Summit is happening again next January or February in Banff, AB.  Your ILPA membership entitles you to receive a 20% discount on the Summit registration too.  This is BY FAR THE Best landscape photography event of the year in Canada!  The ILPA Summit 2017 conference is shaping up nicely and is going to be bigger and better than the 2016 Summit too!



     Welcome to ILPA!  I look forward to seeing you on the ILPA website, in the future at the 2018 Summit or at one of the ILPA presentations, tours, or workshops across Canada on the other side of the world!