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ILPA Members


     The following is an ILPA membership list with links to their biography pages.  Please take the time to get to know our members by browsing their personal websites.  If you’re already an ILPA member then be sure browse our professional members’ pages to see the list of workshops, tours, seminars and other services that they offer at a discount to ILPA members.  Promoting all members of ILPA and providing learning and community building opportunities is a core component of our mission statement.

     ILPA pro photographers are required to offer a minimum 20% discount on events that they choose to advertise on their ILPA webpage.  You can see the other events that they offer by clicking through to their own business websites as well.

    Thank you for your interest in ILPA, and I hope you enjoy the beautiful photography our members have chosen to highlight on their ILPA pages.


ILPA Personal Photographers

David Allwright

Jennifer Massie

Michael McKee

Kathy Tippe


ILPA Professional Photographers

Mark Laurie

Rich Leighton

Brian Merry

ILPA Industry Partners

Outdoor Photography Canada