Membership Benefits


    Thank you for your interest in ILPA.  All of the membership benefits are outlined on the Join ILPA page below the paypal membership purchase buttons.  Please review the three different types of memberships, and the benefits of each one, to find the membership that is right for you and/or your business.  

You can read about the detailed membership benefits of the different membership categories by clicking on the links below.  Compare them and find the membership that’s right for you.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have:


1/     Personal Photographer Membership

2/     Professional Photographer Membership

3/     Industry Membership


     We’ve tried hard to make ILPA beneficial for everyone involved.  A lot of planning went into this to try to build a useful photographer community.  We thoughtfully built the different membership categories so savings the savings an active member will receive out weight the actual cost of the membership.  I hope that you agree and decide to join up! 

     We would also appreciate your constructive criticism.   We are a young organization.  We’ve tried very hard to “get it right the first time”, but we know we’re not perfect.  Feel free to send us you feedback to help us improve!