ILPA Professional Photographers

ILPA Professional Photographers

Do you Take Pride in your Outdoor Photography Business?


Have you taken steps to create a respectful environment

for your customers and for yourself? 


If you answered yes to both parts of this question

then we want to help you to accelerate the success in your business!


     How valuable would it be if you could get your message in front of 35,000 plus interested outdoor photographers of all levelsA truly global marketing channel aimed specifically at outdoor photography enthusiasts does exist.  What sort of impact would communicating to them directly have on your business?

     A professionally managed, GDPR/CASL compliant email marketing list is available for you to access to sell/promote your tours and photography services.  How would communicating to 10s of 1000s of like-minded photographers boost your brand and affect your professional position in the outdoor photography community?


Professional Photographer membership benefits include:

As an ILPA Professional Photographer you can promote your own workshops, tours and events through ILPA channels including:


  • 30000+ photographers in the Global ILPA Regional Facebook groups
  • Curated access to 2500+ strong “opted in” email marketing list
  • Market yourself to subscribers to “The Industry Insiders” event email list
  • Advertise in “The ILPA Weekly” newsletter.  There are 3 rotating ads blocks in the newsletter available for ILPA Pros and ILPA Industry Partners
  • Link your events on the ILPA Events webpage
  • A business profile on the ILPA Professional Photographer page with social and website links


Peace of Mind

     Members of ILPA are bound by the ILPA Community Code of Ethics to ensure that they take steps to respectfully operate in the ILPA Community.  Customers benefit from the peace of mind through knowing that ILPA Pro photographers conduct themselves with the highest of standards and that event and products offered by ILPA Photographers and promoted by ILPA are backed by a strong code of ethics.

     Peace of Mind for Photographers as well. Imagine operating in a community run by photographers for photographers; one in which we all want to see each other do well and welcome fair and ethical competition. The ILPA community stands for business-friendly practices and conduct.


Added Value

Do you want to have a presence at the Trade Show and ILPA events?

     Professional photographers who offer products to other landscape and wildlife photographers will benefit from exposure at The ILPA Summit. 

  • Elevate the exposure of your business in the industry and develop your presence in ILPA at the Summit by speaking directly to the photographers who want to speak to you too.  Promote your products to your target market showcases the products you sell that they are interested in buying.
  • exhibit in the trade show at the annual conference with a 75% discount on regular exhibition rates
  •  Display your business banners at The Summit and ILPA events

     Sign up for an ILPA Professional Level membership today and we truly believe your business’ bottom line will be positively impacted.  ILPA is run by photographers, for photographers and it is our strongest desire that every member who signs up benefits greatly and sharing this same grass roots desire to help the rest of the community.

     If you agree then we are of like-minds.  We look forward to welcoming you into the community and seeing you adding the title, “ILPA Professional Photographer” to your list of business credentials.