Advertise in the ILPA Weekly!


     Advertising rates for the ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Weekly are reasonable AND you’re targeting the perfect landscape and wildlife photographers in the process.  They’re interested in the types of products that you have to offer.  

Each issue of the newsletter has about 2000 reads.  These are the photographers that you want to reach.


     Why are ILPA weekly subscribers your perfect target client?  Because the landscape and wildlife photographers receiving the ILPA weekly newsletter are motivated to learn about photography.  They’ve chosen to sign up to receive the ILPA newsletter each week in their mailbox.  The ILPA Weekly subscribers are an engaged group of photographers who invest their time and money into learning more about emotionally expressing themselves, improving their photographic skill and they travel to experience unique photographic opportunities.

     If I’ve just described the target client for your photography related business, then you really should advertise in the ILPA Weekly Newsletter.  These are your clients, and they’re reading the ILPA Weekly content.  It’s our job to make sure they are reading the weekly by striving to produce the best possible weekly landscape and wildlife photography newsletter available.  I think we’re doing a good job of it too.  After all, we’re all photographers too and we’re putting together the newsletter that we’d like to receive in our mailbox and read.  Photographers know what other photographers want.



This is an example of what Ad size (b) 1170 pixels x 300 pixels.  Ads are hyperlinked back to your custom url. (This ad displayed as an example.  It isn’t hyperlinked to anything right now)



The Details:


     Advertising space in the newsletter is limited to only 4 spots and they are booked in 3 month blocks with the costs per issue ranging from $20-$50/weekly issue, or $260-$650/quarter.  There are 13 issues per quarter.

     Having only four spots to advertise in the newsletter ensures that subscribers won’t become overwhelmed and turned off by an imbalance of a high advertisement:article ratio ultimately leading to photographers unsubscribing from the newsletter.  This ratio is about 1:6.  The quality of the overall newsletter layout content is a priority.  It needs to be so our readers will stay engaged and our subscriber base will continue to grow.


The cost of the 4 different places to advertise in the newsletter are:


1/  The top banner ad or “leaderboard ad” – $750/quarter – dimensions are 1170 pixels x 200 pixels

2/  Three additional ad blocks are located in the body of the newsletter.  Their exact locations in the body are fixed.  The size of each ad block may vary at the discretion of the merchant advertising except for the bottom spot, which is only available as a 1170 pixel x 1170 pixel square ad block.  The three ad block sizes are:

     a/  1170 pixels x 200 pixels – $260/quarter 

     b/  1170 pixels x 500 pixels – $390/quarter 

     c/  1170 pixels x 1170 pixels – $650/quarter*


* the 1170×1170 pixel ad block is only available in the third advertisement block near the middle to bottom of the newsletter.